The Fixer


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Charlie is the suave, womanizing proprietor of The Blue Canary; a jazz club in downtown Juno. He’s known for sporting top brand suits, always being seen with a martini in hand, his unflappable charm, and a wealth of bad puns. But most importantly, he’s known for being a fixer.

Not much is known about Charlie before he showed up in Juno six years ago with a pocket full of loaded credsticks. He set up his club, and immediately went about making connections. If Charlie doesn’t know someone in Juno, it’s likely he knows someone that knows that someone. He’s not the best fixer, or the busiest, but he has a reputation for putting together solid teams.

Charlie’s one smooth talker, but don’t be fooled by his charm. Man’s got ice in his veins. >>BlewBell

This guy knows his music. Anything classical, blues, or jazz related, this guy is a trivia machine! You’d think that for a guy that’s so into music, he’d at least play an instrument, but I’ve never seen him touch a damn one. >>ZeroSumLotto

The most honest man in a dishonest field. Charlie is solid. >>Red Flag


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