Over fifty years since it was founded, Juno is the fastest growing modern city, clocking in over ten million inhabitants, making it also one of the most populated cities. It is the central hub of all travel to and from Mars, and every one of the AAA megacorps have a stake in it. At its best, Juno is the beacon of civil technology, boasting massive sky scrapers, pristine corporate enclaves, and a rich artistic community.

At it’s worst, Juno’s slums rival that of notorious cities like LA. Its enforcers are corrupt and the politicians are deep in the pockets of the mega’s who squabble over every square inch of the city. Still, Juno offers top of the line entertainment, and is one of the hottest places for vacationers, so it sees a lot of tourists.

While Juno is under PCC jurisdiction, plenty of its territory is megacorp property. The megas with the most influence in Juno are Ares and it’s subsidiary company, Knight Errant, Saeder-Krupp, and Aztechnology, though every member of the Big Ten have a hold in the city.

Knight Errant earned (or bought) the job as sheriff in town, and is the primary law enforcement. The only place they do not have jurisdiction is, of course, megacorp property that doesn’t belong to Ares. But they aren’t the only ones. Lone Star also has a portion of the city that belongs to them, and they are always working to win over Knight Errant customers.

As in all cities, the corporate enclaves here are pristine, heavily monitored and strictly policed. The slums, on the other hand, are lightly watched at best; there are some streets that cops avoid altogether.

Like other businesses, the mob have found their way to the red planet too. The Yakuza have a strong force here, though the Triad and Mafia are quickly gaining ground. You can find dozens of gangs in the slums, each picking over back roads and run down city blocks; they may be the smallest of the fish, but don’t underestimate the damage an angry gang can stir up.

Juno has a home for everyone, and is a great place to be if you’re a shadowrunner. Aside from an ever expanding number of clients ranging from megas to go-gangers, there are plenty of great places to kick back and spend your hard earned (sorta) Nuyen. Tons of bars, clubs, and other classy (or unsavory) establishments can be found here, and more are popping up every day.

If you can’t find a job here, you just aren’t looking hard enough.

People who think Mars is some Utopian wonderland are gonks. That planet is as fucked up as anywhere else. Only difference is that it is the newest piece of shit out there. >KFreak

Not if you’re a collar. Have you seen the enclaves they got there? Shiny. >>I’mRonBurgundy?

Yeah, and have fun trading in your freedom, wageslave. I don’t care how the megas gloss it up, it ain’t the place for me. >>KFreak

wheres the best place to get weed here?? >>JimJimJm

You can find all sorts of drugs on the Green Mile. It’s in Yak territory though, so be careful not to piss anyone off. >>Trig


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