West End

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West End was planned to be a restricted high-end residential zone, a pristine extension of Juno that would cater to the wealthiest individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, a catastrophic failure during the terraforming process turned the crater into a swampland. The Weather Control Center (WCC) couldn’t reverse the damage done, and all West End projects were largely abandoned.

West End today is almost entirely slums. Seedy dive bars, clubs, cheap motels, and run down apartment complexes constitute the majority of the district. It is perpetually rainy, and crime is rampant. Unlike other parts of Juno, West End is contracted and enforced exclusively by Lone Star rather than Knight Errant. This makes it a great place for criminals to lay low when they’re on the run from Knight Errant forces and anyone else who is bound by jurisdiction.

Locations in West End

West End

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